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If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your options for breastfeeding support in London you can reach me via any of the following.

The map below roughly shows the areas of London that I’m able to cover for home visits, if you’re unsure whether your address falls within this area just give me call or send me a message.

07531 212738


36 Blythe Hill Lane, London SE6 4UN

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Let's talk about breastfeeding

Being prepared for breastfeeding is far more than learning about the ‘correct’ latching technique and signs of effective milk transfer. It is also having an opportunity to talk about it with someone beforehand and get into the ‘right frame of mind’. It’s knowing that breastfeeding may come with challenges but also with solutions and support, that it connects you with community instead of isolating you. 

With any questions or to book the antenatal session, please call me on 07531212738 or email


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