“Just wanted to say a big thank you. The offer of continued support via email and the groups is extremely humbling and valuable.”

Kimberley, SE8

“Incredibly supportive, gave individual treatment and made me feel listened to. She instantly made me feel comfortable.”

Sarah, Beckenham

“I would have given up breastfeeding after 3 weeks if I hadn’t received such pragmatic and helpful advice from Maria.”

Chloe, South London

“Hugely grateful again for your timely and sensitive support!”

Gemma, Greenwich

“I was very satisfied. I felt reassured and gained in confidence.”

Cat, SE3

“Maria was a life saver to us! She is the best!”

Agnes, Hither Green

“Found consultation with Maria really worthwhile. She made me feel comfortable that the challenges I was facing were completely normal and gave me the tools, techniques and confidence to overcome challenges and successfully establish exclusive breastfeeding.”

Ciara, South London

“Maria is excellent, she is very helpful and knowledgeable, kind and understanding. She takes time for everyone and helped me a lot.”

Ella, Catford

“I can’t recommend Maria highly enough – she was so supportive and helpful in the early days of my daughter’s life. I would highly recommend her.”

Steph, Greenwich

“Exceptional care, expertise very valuable. Maria was able to listen and support my specific needs.”

Lorna, Penge

“Comprehensive guidance and help also around aspects such as food, sleeping arrangements etc.”

Anna, Surrey Quays

“Excellent manner. Authoritative. Empathetic. Inspired confidence.”

Joanna, Charlton

“Maria went over and above to assist me and my son with our breastfeeding and tongue tie issues. She was very approachable and made me feel at ease. She also gave a very honest second opinion when we had a bad experience with another consultant a few months later which was invaluable.”

Helen, Blackheath

“Just amazing! Maria was warm and kind making me feel like I could do it when I felt like I was failing. I owe my breastfeeding journey to her.”

Nat, West London

“Thank you! Your suggestion to feed lying down really helped when the pain was at its worst, somehow less painful in that position which meant I could continue feeding.”

Darmiga, Walthamstow

“Seeing Maria was for me a game changer on my breastfeeding journey. She built up my confidence not just with advice and techniques I could use, but in trusting myself as a new mother. Her style was warm, friendly and very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services.”

Samira, Ilford

“She is fantastic and I wouldn’t be breastfeeding if I hadn’t have had her.”

Chloe, Forest Hill

“She was just the tonic both me and my partner needed to get back on track.”

Sally, Deptford

“Very calm, approachable and knowledgeable. Made me feel at ease.”

Ana, SE17

“If you’re going to spend money on anything and you’re serious and dedicated to breast feeding but you’re having difficulty then get in touch with Maria, she will get you there!”

Charlene,Tooting Bec

“Maria is amazing! She provides a crucial service for new mums and babies and is a calm and reassuring presence at a stressful time. I will always be grateful for the help she has provided.”

Emma, Stratford

“Maria’s advice was invaluable and gave me such confidence with breastfeeding and parenting!
She was absolutely brilliant and gave my husband and I the tools to breastfeed well and be responsive parents.
I couldn’t rate Maria highly enough.”

Sam, South East London

“Maria was very friendly and put me at ease very quickly. She had good suggestions on alternative feeding positions including safely cosleeping.”

Anna, Forest Hill

“Maria encouraged and motivated me. Her reassurances helped me go through a rocky feeding start.”

Celia, West London

Maria was very caring and encouraging whilst being professional and supportive.

Lois, Forest Hill

“Maria was extremely supportive and kind at a real low point for me.”

Gen, Honor Oak Park

“Maria is excellent! I’ve recommended her to several people since as she is so wise, kind and supportive.”

Lucy, South London

“I have referred Maria to three other women from my NCT group and they all agree that she is excellent. I would recommend her again to anyone struggling with breast feeding..”

Anna, Surrey Quays

“Maria was very kind and patient. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She has been an amazing support. ”

Carolynne, Charlton

“Thank you Maria. You were my saviour during a very dark time. You taught me the exaggerated latch and identified baby’s tongue tie. I had the tongue tie cut within 24 hours. We had a very positive nursing experience until I was ready to wean at 10.5 months.
I will be contacting you again when I have my next child. So much love for your service. I can’t say enough.”

Jonelle, East Dulwich

Maria was so compassionate, knew what to say, made me feel heard and supported, and explained in detail and anatomically, how breastfeeding works. Absolutely brilliant. 

Nichola, Bexleyheath

“Maria gave me such a confidence boost and so many techniques that I could use confidently.
She calmed my fears and gave me realistic and manageable goals.”

Sarah, Kidbrooke

“Maria is the reason I kept breastfeeding.
I genuinely think I would have stopped after three weeks otherwise, but thanks to Maria I did it (and enjoyed it tremendously once it worked) until I went back to work when baby was 11 months.”

Johanna, Surrey Quays
For more details call 07531 212738 or book a home visit

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